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Our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with leaders and managers to provide professional and swift recruitment services. In order to achieve effective outcomes we will focus on your existing manager and employee profiles and your management approach as well as your corporate culture and your company goals. 


Ebru Özçağıran

Sr. Executive Search Consultant


Ebru Ozcagiran is a story teller and a dream catcher from the very first beginning of her life.. She helps to connect people; with their jobs, with their aims, with their dreams, with their strengths and with their inner voice. That’s the aim of her being and her career as a Coach and a Human Resources professional.

Ebru is a passionate leader with 20 years of experience seeking to increase efficiency at human dimension in high-achieving enterprises.
She worked closely with the managers, employees, Union and customers to create the desired environment within one of the most leading  companies of world, Delphi Automotive Systems (global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets based in 36 countries, over 150000 employees).

Previously she worked in paint industry; Akzo Nobel (Headquartered in the Netherlands, operate in over 80 countries and employ around 35,000 people) and Dewilux (one of the leading companies of Turkey in paint industry) as HR in managerial roles.

She’s an expert at transforming complex topics into innovative, engaging and informative new stories, recommending and implementing strategies and systems throughout the companies aligned with the business objectives, managing growth and downsizing periods of big amounts (app. 2500 employees) using her knowhow, interdepartmental communication skills and Coaching.

Ebru is Adler Certified professional  coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and an amateur writer.
She’s married and has one kid.

Phone: +90 216 970 2115

Email: ebru.ozcagiran@modusturkey.com

What inspires you?

I believe that raising my own energy is the key to success and happiness. There’s nothing more inspirational than the endless opportunities of that simple question: “What I want now?” and have the power to adapt your energy level to move on!


Pelin Argalıoğlu

Sr. Executive Search Consultant

Pelin Argalıoğlu an experienced executive search professional using solid and hugely effective recruitment skills, she is adept at relationship building with both clients and candidates, showing a high level of industry understanding, excellent networking, whilst always providing an exceptional service. 

Pelin has worked for various multinational companies before joining Modus, which are in automotive, fmcg and hr consulting sectors. She has a wide range of perspective and understanding of both corporate and consultancy sides of the business. 

Her experiences in finance, sales, management and human resources have given her the ability to work on several different kinds of projects and also have created advantage of perceiving the projects easier and quicker than expected. 

After working for various multinational companies for 10+ years as executive manager, she decided to join Modus as an executive search partner, in 2014.

Pelin is Adler Certified professional coach, a keen sportswoman and highly interested in football. 

Phone: +90 216 970 2115

Email: pelin.argalioglu@modusturkey.com

What inspires you?

To make a positive and significant change in people’s life in micro sense and knowing that, there is a possibility that it will serve -even if very little percentage- the world to be a better place. Also, helping the corporations to have competitive advantage in the market by providing them the right talents since 21st century is human age.

Itir Volkan, Executive Search and Recruitment, Headhunter

Itır Volkan

Sr. Executive Search Consultant

Itır Volkan is managing partner of Modus Consultancy. Itır’s executive search and board assignments span the Europe, Turkey and Middle East, and lie across multiple industries, including FMCG&Retail, technology, aviation, industrial and healthcare. She has successfully led search assignments for clients ranging from medium-sized businesses, especially for family–owned companies as well as large international organizations.

Itır has undertaken a wide range of searches for clients in Turkey and the Middle East, concentrating on C-level searches across general management,HR, operational, technical and financial appointments including CEO, COO, CFO, sales & marketing, research & development, and support roles. 

Prior to joining Modus Consultancy, Itır was a Human Resources and Corporate Communication Manager at the Istanbul office of one of the leading international pharmaceutical firm. Previously she worked in companies such as Sanovel (2nd biggest pharmaceutical company in turkey), Kariyer.net (Turkey's biggest online recruitment company) and Dermalogica in the fields of HR in the managerial roles.

She is highly regarded in the consulting industry as a trusted search partner who consistently delivers and adapts to meet the ever-changing dynamics, needs and demands of the emerging markets region.

Itır has B.A. degree in Business Administration at Istanbul University, and has been writing her thesis in Information Technologies at Bahcesehir University. Itır is Adler Certified professional coach, desirable Ashtangi and married, with one kid. She is a resident of Dubai and Istanbul.

Phone: +90 216 970 2115

Email: itir.volkan@modusturkey.com

What inspires you?

Every morning, I find the inspiration in the opportunity given to me to be able to listen and create solution and share my expertise to help people and organizations who are willing to resonate positive impacts on humanity, on the mother earth and future of both of them.