Talent Acquisition


Today's candidates go through different stages of candidate journey than they used to few years back.

When looking for jobs, they now have a lot of information available. It is not enough to just show them open positions and expect them to apply. Candidates now, after they become aware of your company and job opening, need to be attracted to choose you as their employer of choice. 

Executive Search

We take a personal approach to retained executive search believing in long-term strategic relationships with clients. We believe headhunting is an integral part of the success of a company and as such we like to position ourselves as a specialised partner to the companies we with work; gaining a sound understanding of the culture, the people and the operation. Making you feel like we are an extended part of your company. By partnering with us you get a focused, personal approach to executive search bringing the power of our extensive candidate network, market knowledge and firsthand industry understanding to attract high caliber managers to strengthen your team while allowing you to stay firmly focused on your daily business priorities.

The cornerstone of our business is the quality of our selection process. We guarantee a highly efficient and thorough process for both our clients and candidates.

Professional Search

Who are the managers of the future?

This question is frequently asked when companies are about to develop the business and hire new talent. It should be a person having the skills that can be used to lift the company to a new level – a person that can step in and take on a large responsibility. On a constantly evolving market, generation shifts and trade are but some of the challenges setting the bar high for future managers. Where will you find this candidate?

A significant number of managers are not actively seeking new work opportunities, which makes these recruitments all the more interesting and challenging.

At Level, we have significant experience and deep knowledge in recruiting leaders and managers for different positions within the Europe, Turkey and Middle East business community.

This experience will provide security while working with us.

We actively work with management in all of our specialist areas.

Examples of positions: 

Product Manager – Pharmaceutical

Suply Chain Manager – Pharmaceutical

HR Learning and Development Manager – FMCG

Machine Learning Sr. Software Developer – FMCG

Executive Assistant – FMCG

Campaign Manager – FMCG

HR Manager – FMCG

Account Manager – Healthcare 

CFO – Healthcare

Facility Manager – Automotive

Sales Director – IT&Telecom

CFO – IT&Telecom

Account Manager – IT&Telecom

Marketing Manager – IT&Telecom

HR Manager – IT&Telecom

Subscription Manager – IT&Telecom

SR. Software Develeoper – IT&Telecom

E-commerce manager – Retail

Sales Director – Retail

Sales Manager – Retail

Brand Manager – Retail

Product Manager – Retail

HR Manager – Energy

Executive Assistant  - Energy

HR Manager – Aviation

Compensation&Benefits Manager – Aviation

Treasury Sr. Manager – Banking

Lawyer – Banking

Risk Manager – Banking


Leadership Development



The most efficient way to ensure a successful hire is by having a structured assessment process. Designed to fit the culture of the company, the environment in which it operates and the requirements of the position an assessment process will help you to get the right people in the right position at the right time. It will allow for long-term hires and and successful cultural matches during the selecting process. Further it can help your organization structure its current human capital by creating the best possible teams and reporting structures. By understanding the dynamics of the organization it is possible for us to help teams and individual strive and perform.

Executive Coaching

We believe in not only attracting the right people to make your organization successful but also in developing and retaining them. Executive coaching is the most effective way of allowing leaders to operate to the best of their capabilities. Coaching enhances strengths and manages developmental areas ensuring the best possible outcome for the individual and the company. Relying on the knowledge we have of the organisation and the requirements of the positon and supported by various assessment tools and personalized coaching we help leaders deliver in cultural and corporate matrixes while given them strong developmental support.

Career Coaching

As a coach we work alongside you as you define where you are now, decide where you want to go, and identify steps to bridge the gap. We support and encourage you in the journey. We have an objective viewpoint and good listening skills who can brainstorm with you. We want a lot for you and are committed to your success, working closely with you to create an action plan for your career. 

Coaching takes place during regular 40-minute or 60-minute sessions in person or by phone. All our sessions are confidential; we strictly follow the International Coach Federation Standards of Ethical Conduct.

We would be pleased to talk with you by telephone about what you want from coaching and answer any questions you may have. This provides an opportunity for you to clarify how coaching might benefit you. 

Click here to sign up for a free 20-minute telephone consultation.


Market Mapping


Market Mapping is an effective and cost-effective way of assessing potential candidates and markets

Decide who to hire next

We are providing you a snapshot of the market with the mapping. It will help you to decide exactly what role you’ll hire.  How many candidates on the market as active or passive? Getting an understanding of how your (often larger) competitors structure their companies will give you a vision for your own future.

Attract high quality passive candidates

Our experiences shows us that while 85% of candidates are open to finding a new job, only 25% of them are actively searching. 

Passive candidates make up 70% of the global workforce, whereas active candidates only make up 30%. If you don’t source candidates from both groups, you are limiting your search for talent.

The core reason you put together a Market Map is to begin attracting high quality candidates to an open role. A market map also allows you to approach passive candidates directly, confident that your role will be of interest and in the right salary ballpark.

Once you gather all this information, you should have a pretty good idea of what roles you need to hire, what is the future of your industry look like, what potential candidates look like, and how competitive your salary packages are. This information will make it easier for you to figure out whether you need to staff up the roles you’re thinking about and whether you can afford it.